Autumn Equinox Retreat

23-25 September 2022

The Strathmore Commun



This is for you

The Autumn Equinox is a perfect time to restore balance on all levels. Can you gift yourself the space to experience gentle movement, breath, meditation, TRE and other stress reducing activities to rebalance your nervous system.

Perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety, brain fog, depression, muscular aches and pains, hot flushes, rage, confusion, dryness, skin conditions, acne, weight gain, poor sleep, cold flushes and chills and/or any number of the known menopausal symptoms. Or maybe you’re struggling with one of the other many transitions in life, kids

Whatever your reason for coming – you’re welcome!

Join Pam Martin (Certified TRE Provider, Accredited Menopausal Yoga Teacher and CORE Fascial Release/Bodywork Instructor) and Joanne Polding (Kinesiologist, CORE Bodyworker and Massage Therapist) We offer you space to share your experiences and gain insights from your Self and others whilst offering you the opportunity to learn specific stress reducing supportive techniques for rebalancing on all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This residential retreat is for all women irrespective of your age or stage.

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