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At Bodyliving we offer courses for experienced bodyworkers, yoga instructors, pilates teachers, counsellors and individuals keen to explore trauma sensitive bodywork.

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26th/27th May 2024
Turnhouse Golf Club, Edinburgh

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CORE I Intensive 

Together we start the journey with CORE Fascial Release  exploring, breathing, moving, feeling and learning through an embodied experience. 

Facilitating deep change in a hour long protocol this course is both a stand alone offering and the springboard to further trauma sensitive bodywork classes.

CPD: 16 hours (2 days certificated)

Cost: £380  (£150 Deposit secures place)

Places : 10 

Pre-requisite : Swedish Massage or equivalent Anatomy and Physiology including yoga, pilates, acupuncture 


CORE II Intensive 

We continue learning specific CORE Fascial Release techniques that enhance the one hour recipe including unique techniques for legs/neck/jaw .

We also visit ; emotional anatomy, fascial unwinding, seated backwork; trauma awareness; vagus nerve and neurogenic tremors and other forms of release from the bodymindcore. 

CPD: 24 Hours (3 days certificated)

Cost: £540 (£150 Deposit secures place)

Places :  6 

Pre-requisite – CORE !


10-16 November 2024
(Edinburgh West)

CORE III Intensive: The Five Series

This intensive course is the culmination of Noah Karrasch’s 30+ years of bodywork. 

The five session recipe is designed to touch all the known holding areas in a body, in several different ways. 

For students interested in personal growth for themselves and their patrons.

CPD: 56 hours (6 days over 7 certificated)

Cost £1250 (£250 Deposit) Early bird £1100 (before 1/8/24)

Places : 6

Pre-requisistes: CORE I&II

Core Training

I have attended level 1, 2 and 3 in Core Fascial Release and each have been Powerful and Freeing on every level. Thank’s Pam!

Pam is a gifted teacher, she offers and shares a wealth of knowledge, experience all with great humour and joy.

Pam is able to gauge the needs of the individual and the group to ensure all are able to learn and practice with confidence.
This modality is an amazing stand alone offering and can be used within many other healing modalities to re-align and offer freedom.

CORE Fascial Release Training

At Bodyliving we offer courses for experienced body workers to learn more about trauma sensitive bodywork and core fascial release.

All courses are certificated for CPD purposes

Everyone attending will give and receive sessions

Attendees work with models

Small class sizes

“If you can imagine how it feels to have a fluid, light, balanced body free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress, at ease with itself and the earths gravitational field, then you will understand Structural Integration”


CORE I Intensive

Designed and developed by Noah Steven Karrasch (Advanced Rolfer/Author) to provide an “all purpose recipe” of CORE fascial Release.

His philosophy of effective and safe Bodywork that Coaxes Order and Restores Energy offers massage therapists and other bodyworkers the opportunity to work with their clients in a new and efficient way.
Practitioners conserve their own energy and find the method easier on their body while patrons are empowered to take a more active role in their sessions.

CORE Bodywork facilitates change in a Direct, Deep and Dynamic manner.

This is a 2 day course that is predominantly practical in our working on each other and model.

CPD: 16 Hours (2 days certificated)
Cost: £380 (£150 Deposit)
Places : 4-10 
Pre-requisite – Swedish Massage, Yoga Teacher (or equivalent)

CORE II Intensive

We continue to work with the one hour “all purpose recipe” for a session of generic, good-for-what-ails-you bodywork. 

After that we learn specific CORE Fascial Release techniques that enhance the recipe and offers the practitioner a host of new specific areas to work on. 

We also visit emotional anatomy, seated backwork and review the CORE Philosophy. This is a more intensely practical class with the giving and receiving of sessions.

This is a 3 day workshop

CPD: 24 Hours (3 days certificated)
Cost: £540 (£150 Deposit)
Places : limited to 6 places
Pre-requisite – CORE I

CORE III Intensive –
The Five Series

The Five Series focuses is the culmination of Noah Karrasch’s 30+ years of bodywork. In the intensive six-day course we’ll look at a five session recipe designed to touch all the problem spots in a body, in several different ways.

In addition, we’ll discuss each session, watch a demonstration by the tutor, work in partnership with each other through the five session series, and take one model through the series as well.

Particular attention is given to developing greater communication skills with clients. This class examines how health can be integrated into the lives of clients and students. CORE is not Rolfing! This is a specific series that accomplishes many of Rolfing’s goals, but also intends to achieve different results.

Students will come away with a healthy respect for a recipe that lets them get creative while honouring basic CORE principles. For serious students only! This is the recipe for five sessions CORE work.

This course is completed over 6 full days.
Pre-requisite is CORE II (usually 1 year prior)

CPD: 56 hours (6 days over 7 certificated)
Cost £1250 (£250 Deposit)
Places: limited to 6
Pre-requisistes: CORE I&II

CORE IV Intensive –
The Final Step

The final step revisits the 5 series from a different perspective. Taking 2 models through the five series while giving and receiving your own 5 sessions of CORE Bodywork.

This is for students who wish to review the five series, develop a greater understanding, receive a five series and are might consider teaching in the future. It is for serious students who want to develop and polish deeper bodywork skills, and the class is guaranteed to change both the way you think about bodies and about the recipe for five sessions learned in CORE III. Those who have completed this course understand the value of CORE IV.

The CORE IV certificate is not recognized by any governing or certifying body as a terminal degree; this training is for bodyworkers who seriously want to enhance their skills, not their credentials. That said, this certificate is becoming more valued and valuable as more students are practicing and seeing the value of CORE work.

This course is taken over 8 days.
By invitations and previously completed CORE I, II & III (minimum of 1 year prior).

Creating Safety at the CORE

(Includes an Introduction to TRE)

This workshop has been designed specifically for individuals working with individuals in a therapeutic capacity including, but not limited to, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Counsellors and anyone interested in their own self development.

It explores the physical, physiological, mental and emotional responses to stress that result in clients feeling tense, unbalanced and in pain and offers a natural method of stress management and trauma prevention.

In addition to mixing theoretical with experiential the class will allow time for relaxation and integration so that you can utilise your own natural healing mechanism.

This workshop will benefit you personally as well as professionally.

This is a 1 day workshop

During Creating Safety at the CORE you will learn :

• Why Safety is important in the therapeutic relationship

• How to release old patterns of stuck tension

• The Physiology, Anatomy and Neurology of an individual affected by stress and trauma

• How our bodies respond automatically and unconsciously to events

• Introduction to TRE (Tension Release &Trauma Recovery Exercises)  – A natural method  for stress management and trauma prevention

• How to recognise when your client is not feeling safe

• How to create safety at the CORE for you and your clients


In this introduction to TRE® you will learn a series of simple exercises that turn on the body’s natural ability to restore itself to balance through the process of self -regulation and self empowerment.

TRE® is currently being used in more than 100 countries and some of the benefits that have been documented include: improved sleep, relief from body aches (including back pain, headaches and TMJ), increased energy, reduced Anxiety, pain and stress, enhanced ability to stay focused and connected a effectively release chronic tension.

The exercises work for all body types and can be easily adapted for any fitness level or challenges in mobility. TRE® is a self help tool that once learned can be easily repeated in the comfort of your own home. You will be guided on how to use TRE® to shift patterns of held stress and tension in the body via a re-setting of the nervous system.

Classes are 2 hours in duration.


These are arranged locally to deepen your awareness and provide guidance where necessary. Classes are limited to 4-8 individuals and prior booking is required.
Classes are 1.5 hours in duration.

Shake and Relax

A post beginners class for those looking to develop their TRE practice and relationship with the therapeutic tremors. Perhaps looking to expand their understanding of self regulation, titration and pendulation of somatic experiencing.

Super Shakers

A post beginners class for individuals with a regular TRE practice and are comfortable with self regulation, titration and pendulation.

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